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Those of you  know me, and know me well, have come to the conclusion that I have (just like anyone else), some tendencies to do certain things. Some may say I have a tinge of OCD. Lets not mention this to my husband because “tinge” may be a stretch for him. Anyway, one of the things I love to do is to make lists!

I have no idea why, but making lists soothes my soul is some bizarre kind of way.  Most days, it’s just a list of groceries or things I need to get done. Just by making my list I feel like I have accomplished something!

After having my second baby, I am convinced ALL of my memory cells have left my body. My son seems to be able to recall the names of every dinosaur known to man and can tell you anything you want to know about insects and spiders, but me… I couldn’t tell you what I ate for breakfast. See… gone! They vanished-out of my body. 

Where was I? Oh yea- lists. Other times I might make a “Bucket List” or a list of vacation spots I would like to visit. I make lists of photography equipment I would like to purchase or poses I would like to try.  I LOVED writing down lists of baby names before my children were born. I like to create lists of fun things to do with our family. I simply LOVE lists. 

Photography feeds my soul in so many ways, and now, since I have regular photo blogging to do- I thought, why not incorporate my obsession with lists as well! So here we go, my first B. Roll Blog List! 

I am often asked by my high school seniors, what they should do to prepare for their portrait session. Here is a list of helpful hints for senior pictures.

1. Be yourself.

2. Dress in clothes that are fairly comfortable and express who you are.

3. Look at other senior portraits for inspiration and to get an idea of what type of portraits you might like.

4.  Ladies… don’t forget those nails. There is nothing worse than a beautiful portrait with chipped nails!

5.  Accessorize! Hats, jewelry, etc. can add great character and texture to your pictures.

5.  Try to be timeless, too heavy on the trends, logos, etc. will age your portraits.

6.  Don’t be afraid to express ideas you would like to try!

7.  Location! Location! Senior portraits are about expressing yourself! Think of locations that have meaning to you or a place that would capture the essence of what you are looking for. I search for unique locations daily for my high school senior sessions!

8.  Add some texture! Try to add some layers with different textures, colors and patterns.

9.  Bring a friend or family member along to bring out your personality.

10.  Have fun with your session. Don’t be afraid to be silly and show your true colors.












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